Comprehensive Kidney Stone Management

Kidney specialist And Kidney stone surgeon In bhopaL

Kidney stone in Bhopal – Kidney stone is the commonest disease which a urologist manage in common practice in our part of the country. Management includes medical/ conservative approach for small stone and surgical approach for larger stone unable to pass. We have the availability of allthe machine for managing the kidney stone.
Lithotripsy :
Common laymen call it a laser treatment of kidney stone. Stone are broken with help of rays/shock waves focused at stone. It doesn’t involve any anesthesia and usually patient walk home after few hrs.
Ureteroscopy (URS) :
A very thin caliber endoscope is put through urethra and stone is approached and broken with machin and removed. Procedure is done under anesthesia and patient goes home same day or next day.
A small hole is made in kidney under xray or USG guidance and a ract is made to put endoscope, stone is localized and broken with machine and removed. Procedure is done under anesthesia and patiet goes home next day or after 2 days.
RIRS/ flexible URS :
Patient who do not want hole to be made in kidney or small kidney stone can be managed this way. Usually it is two step procedure. First A DJ stent is put in the kidney to widedn the passage for accecepting the flexible scope. And after 15 days RIRS is done where a flexible tip scope is introduce through urethra and stone is broken with Holmium laser machine. Procedure costlier as it involves two steps and need for holmium laser machine.

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